The bucketlist

1. roadtrip with friends

2. travel in a hot air ballon

3. go to Disneyland in Paris

4. do a proper handstand

5. move to London/England

6. meet Niall (and Harry and Liam and Zayn and Louis)

7. donate blood

8. make a stranger happy

9. stay happy

10. skinny dipping

11. take part in a 10 km run

12. plant a tree

13. go skydiving

14, sleep under the stars

15. go on a safari

16. take part in a high heel run

17. do speed dating

18. get a tattoo

19. spend a day without shoes

20. „free hugs“ for everyone

21. go to a strip club

22. ride a jetski

23. go paragliding

24. learn Irish dancing

25. blind booking

26. rent a houseboat in the Netherlands

27. climb a mountain

28. do something forbidden

29. swim with dolphins

30. go windsurfing

31. hide something and dig it up after 10 years

32. own a penny board

33. fly a kite

34. horse riding on the beach

35. win the FIFA world cup

36. do stand up paddeling

37. travel the world

38. be a couchsurfer

39. visit the Harry Potter world

40. go snorkeling/diving

By the way, our bucketlist is in no particular order and there’s much more to come..



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