Moving House – a positive change

Somehow, a lot of people start to freak out when it comes to moving house:
„Just think about all the stress that comes with it! All those boxes all over the house. The things that you somehow lose forever, allthough your 100 percent sure it was in the box with the rest of your books. And don’t get me started on renovation in the new flat..“

I do understand the annoying parts about moving house but that doesn’t make me love it less, because I really do love it!

Finding a new house or flat to live in is so interesting. It always suprises me what beautiful, weird, messy or exciting places there are in my hometown, that you would’ve never thouhgt you’d find right here. And once you found the place you know you could spend some time of your life in, I start to imagine how it’ll look like once all the furniture is in it’s place.
The renovation part has always been my favorite part! Choosing a colour for a room can change it’s complete appearance, make it look homly and cosy or modern and chic. I love spending hours at Ikea (I mean who doens’t? Except for the poor husbands that have to wait at least an hour at the cashier to pay for the new baby room, while their pregnant wife is eating her 5th Hot Dog, right?) to pick out all the bits and bops that make the newly painted room a real home. The decoration is what makes a room complete. At least thats my opinion.

Over all I guess I could say that I just love the change. It gives you a perfect excuse to clean out everything old. Everything that you don’t need in your live. Not only talking about the ugly souvenirs from your trip to England when you where 14.. but about a mental clean out. Get rid of the bad thoughts and things that hold you back in life! It’s like the old clothes that you haven’t been wearing for ages but somehow still keep them in your closet, where they’re just taking space away for new hot stuff. Get rid off them – you obviosly don’t need them anymore.

I’ve just moved house, so you can believe me when I say: it makes you feel so much more relaxed and renewed!

Lot’s of love xo

Valeria & Amina

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