About us

Hello there, behind your desktop. How are you doing today?

You’re probably in the same situation as we are in, or you can relate to it in some way: worrying to much about things that are quite unimportant and wont matter in a year from now, always thinking about doing new exciting stuff, but end up infront of your computer instead, never realizing your dreams.

Let me tell you one thing: we know this situations just to well and we had enough of them!

We, that is us. Two girls, both 21 years old, going by the names Valeria and Amina.

We sat up this blog to finally do the things we always wanted to do and we’d like to take you on this journey with us. We want to inspire you to do the things you want to do and we want to be inspired by you!

You’re more than welcome to follow us along!

Lots of love xo

Valeria & Amina from “our cheeky little bucketlist”



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