#2 Flying a kite – give your mind a break

Hello to all you beautiful people out there!

How are you today? I hope everything is going on quite well for you.

Either way, some of you may not have the best day ever and are feeling unhappy or sad about something. Maybe because you have to make an important decision or something doesn’t work out the way it was supposed to be. There can be heaps of different reasons why you want to escape your little world and just relax for a few minutes, hours or even days. In most cases there just isn’t enough time to go on vacation but you’re always able to make space for an hour or two to clear your head, go out and even to become one with nature.

From time to time I work as a waitress, to earn some extra money I can spend on my  travels and all kinds of stuff that I enjoy doing. However, when I was working at a fair the last time, someone gave me a little kite as a promotional gift. I was really excited about it because its been quite a while since I last flew a kite. To  be a bit more precise: It has been 12 years! We thought its a perfect activity to add to our bucket-list. After all, it made us happy when we were little kids, why shouldn’t it make us feel the same way 12 years later?

On a beautiful partly cloudy Monday Amina and I went to the Kronsberg, which is approximately  a 30 minutes drive away from the city centre of our hometown. Its a nice rural area, perfect to take your dog for a walk, to go for a run, to ride your bicycle or to fly a kite. It was lovely and exciting, especially as we discovered that you can see a great part of the citys skyline, if the weather allows it.

We started our little childhood/grown-up rediscovery with the challenge of putting the different parts of our kite together. It happened to be easier than we thought, even though there were no instructions. After we had finished this first task successfuly, we had quite a few difficulties to get the kite up in the air and especially to keep it there. It took quite a while to try out different methods and we had to dealwith a lot of wind, but we figured out a way and had a lot of fun.








We can truly recommend it to you, to go out and do the same, either you’re struggling with something or you just want to stop the world from spinning around for a moment. It helps you to clear your mind and to give yourself a well-deserved break! Flying a kite wakes up childhood memories and creates the same feeling of freedom and carelessness you felt while being a kid. Of course we’re not telling you to go out and fly a kite right now. Just do what ever makes you happy and relive what made you happy when you where small, believe us when we’re saying: You’re going to love it even more now.

And don’t forget: After rain comes the sun.

Q: What helps you to relax in your every day life?

Lots of love xo

Amina & Valeria


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