We’re guilty! – A little introduction

We’re guilty..

..of not enjoying life the way we should be. Of not seeing the little things that make us happy on a daily basis. Of worrying to much about small things, that are not even worth worrying about. And most of all, we are guilty of not seeing the happiness and beauty of the world that is right in front of us!

I guess we realized that at some point along the way. We, that is us. Us, that is Valeria and Amina. We are just two ordinary girls from Northern Germany, graduated from school two years ago with life ahead of us, not knowing whats going to happen in the future. And thats where it all began:

Valeria: Two years ago I decided to spend some time abroad with two friends from school, because I didn’t really know what to do with my life, to be honest. I went to Australia, simply because it was possibly the furthest place away from home and it wouldn’t be easy to go back in hard times. I just wanted to challenge myself. So far it was the best time of my life, even though I had quite a few difficulties. Ever since I am in love with the people and their country.

guilty valeria

Amina: During the time studying for my A-levels I started thinking about what I want to do after school and I decided that I’d love to spend some time away from home, to make new experiences with new people in a foreign country. And that’s what I did. I spend a year working as an AuPair in Ireland and I loved it! The people, the country, the culture, everything!

guilty amina

After both of us returned home from our adventures, we both realized that we had the greatest time of our life. We travelled across a country that we’ve never been to before, not knowing what might going to happen. Do we make friends? Do we get along on our own? There where a lot of things that we could’ve been worrying about. But we didn’t, because we were to busy enjoying life! And that was when we realized that we should do the same at home. We should not worry to much about the little daily struggles or our future. We should enjoy life and make the most of it!

And thats where this blog comes to life! While we travelled to London together, we sat down at Trafalgar Square and made our own „cheeky little bucket list“, writing down things we always wanted to do in life, but somehow never did. It’s a blog about enjoying and living life and appreciating the small things. Your welcome to follow us on that journey!

Lots of love xo

Valeria & Amina


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